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Nowaday, the enterprises have many branches which are scattered in many regions , provinces , and even in other countries, their desire to be converged management or other inter-network operations. The multi- connection solutions using interactive devices such as AudioCodes Media Gateways, are one of carrier of practical solutions and cost savings . Not only are compatible with many different types of PABX, IP-PBX ( from Avaya , Cisco , Nortal , Siemens , Alcatel - Lucent play, Panasonic , Ericsson , ... until the switchboard operator on Open Source systems such as Astersik, Elastix etc) , but also AudioCodes Media Gateways have the ability to act as the IP-PBX in capability of hundred to thousands users and more. In addition, utilizing the existing telephony system including PABXs, Analog telephones and others are also a small utility for these solutions.

1. AudioCodes Media Gateways in Remote Connectivity solution via PBX extensions

  • This solution allows using the PBX extensions at a remote distance.
  • There are two devices required : AudioCodes MediaPack MP11x included FXO ports and MediaPack MP11x included FXS ports.
  • Over VoIP connectivity in LAN/WAN, Extension numbers of branches are issued by the center PBX
  • This solution is compatible to many TDM PBXs type such as Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Alcatel, Nortal, Panasonic, Nec, LG, 3COM, etc
  • The best suitable solution is only to the enterprises with the large areas or only a little of quanlity of users in every branch such as a security room or sectors without or too far to use cable.

The security rooms, long-distance areas :

  • Using fiber optic in seaport
  • Using fiber optic in case of a long-distance to IT rooms, guard rooms


  • When many agents work in many branches, should use Analog Call Recording for Contact Center system.


2. AudioCodes Media Gateways in branch offices solution

branch office athlsolutions

  • AudioCodes Media Gateways role a PBX in every branch
  • Center PBXs are Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Alcatel, Nortal, Panasonic, Nec, LG, 3COM, Asterisk, etc
  • The best suitable solution is only to transaction offices of banks, retail systems, shops characterized by little transaction and some phones.

In the branch office solution, we want to emphasize the feature of PSTN Fallback: support of PSTN fallback due to Power failure, if the IP connection is down or due to customer defined IP QOS thresholds. AudioCodes Media Gateways also provide Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) when there is no IP connection between branch locations and the central SIP servers, SIP Proxy or central IP-PBX. SAS built-in in every MediaPack without plus cost.

SAS athlsolutions

branch office - athlsolutions

branch office - athlsolutions

3. AudioCodes Media Gateways in the connection of two or more branch offices solution

site to site athlsolutions

  • This solution has applied in the case of the enterprises with two or more branches and to call each other internally. Also to solve the problem here when using different PBXs, thus can not use standard solutions from the same type system of Siemens, Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, or etc.
  • We offer this fact solution using AudioCodes Media Gateways which can also be used for many different branches in below conditions:
    • In available smooth of WAN, LAN or IPSEC – VPN for public network
    • Available analog lines or Trunk ports in PBXs
  • Using IPSEC – VPN in point   - to - point

site to site - athlsolutions

  • Using mixed IPSEC – VPN, lease line  in point   - to - multipoint

site to site - athlsolutions

4. AudioCodes Media Gateways in hotels, resorts solution


  • This model of hotels, resorts using fiber obtic to connect to every room
  • Saving cost in every room/villa by using terminal analog phones which are replaced for IP Phones, while still ensuring the features required in the below:
    • MWI
    • DND
    • Check In
    • Check Out
    • Room Status

hotel - athlsolutions

5. AudioCodes Media Gateways in Contact Center solution

contact center - outsource - athlsolutions

  • This model has applied in case of using services from hosted Contact Center.
  • We solve business requirements as follows:
    • Using Extensions from their PBXs
    • Taking advantage of Agents from hosted Contact Center
    • Using Contact Center outsource is as the enterrpise 's private Contact Center service
    • Meet short-term needs of the business as planned Marketing

6. AudioCodes Media Gateways as a Trunk of PBX type of SoftSwitch


  • This solution recommends to use AudioCodes Media Gateways in based SIP of PBXs. Nowaday, SoftSwitch systems always support SIP protocols in increasing, especially necessary to connect between them and AudioCodes Media Gateways allow VoIP terminals work smoothly to PSTN.
  • Some standard SoftSwitch systems can be listed typically in the below:
    • Microsoft Office Communication Server ( OCS )
    • Asterisk
    • SipXecs
  • AudioCodes Media Gateways support analog ports, ISDN ( BRI, PRI) or SS7
  • Using AudioCodes Media Gateways in Asterisk Opensource

SIP-PBX - Asterisk.jpg

  • Using AudioCodes Media Gateways in Microsoft Office Communication Server and connecting directly with PSTN

SIP-PBX - OCS - athlsolutions

  • This model has applied in connectivity between OCS system and availble PBX system

SIP-PBX - OCS - athlsolutions